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Originally this is a site for Scandinavians about living on Mallorca for longer or shorter periods. Some of the information I have collected might also be of interest to a wider audience. I have therefore tried to translate some of the content to English.
(Please forgive any misspelling and incorrect grammar)  

ĦHoola all friends of Mallorca!

With this site I want to share my personal experiences acquiring a finca on the south east of Mallorca. Please send me your suggestions of what more to put here. 

Unfortunately, I have not updated this site for some years! Some links are out of date! The main exception is "Books about Mallorca". 180220


The Pomegranate (Granada) is ripe in November.

The black pig of Majorca (Porcella negra) with the typical chin bags was on its way to extinction not long ago. It has now a very active breeding society which has secured its future.  071204

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